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Fonts on Fedora – aka pulling at a loose thread

Apologies for not posting in a long time, etc, etc but this is actually more of a note to myself. I was speaking to one of my colleagues at Magma Digital and he got me thinking about font rendering in

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CentOS on your RaspberryPI

Many years ago, when I first started using Linux the choice of distro was made for me by my employer. Fast forward around 12 years and I’m using a long lost descendant, CentOS. I’m sure you can appreciate that with

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Quick guide to Linux daemons in PHP

This guide was originally written for a PHPNW meetup – more information on the group is available here Whenever we want to carry out lengthy tasks or process large batches of data, we should consider executing that process in the

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MySQL Replication over SSL

A new project requires MySQL replication to be carried out over the internet. My first thought was to use stunnel, which I quickly implemented. This appeared to work perfectly (after some iptables configuration). However, I found out later that MySQL

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