Mixed-case domains are a problem for Cherokee webserver

I’ve just been testing the “responsiveness” of this design on my phone but instead of fueling the smug sense of satisfaction in the buzzword peddlers, I immediately hit a rather odd problem. You see, I use Swype typing on my

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CentOS on your RaspberryPI

Many years ago, when I first started using Linux the choice of distro was made for me by my employer. Fast forward around 12 years and I’m using a long lost descendant, CentOS. I’m sure you can appreciate that with

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Android SDK on 64bit Fedora 14

If you’re half way through setting up Android SDK on Fedora 14 (and I imagine all other versions apply) on a 64bit install you’ll get some fairly vague messages back from Ant. Fortunately, they’re quite easy to fix once you

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wordpress rewrite rules for lighttpd

I recently tried to tidy up my hand crafted rewrite rules for wordpress/lighttpd and after a very quick google I was taken to an article titled “URL rewriting for wordpress and lighttpd“. Clearly, I thought my search was over. However,

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Combining Zend_Db_Select and Propel 1.3

Propel 1.3 has served me very well over the past few years and I’m absolutely confident that recent projects would not have been delivered so quickly without it. However, when stuff gets a little crazy, you need to hydrate your

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Avoiding temporary array assignment in PHP

Even though I’ve been developing with PHP for a number of years, I still enjoy discovering new ways of working. Even though the stdClass object is about as basic as you can get, it’s never struck me as being a

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MySQL Replication and disappearing relay logs

A recent reboot of a server highlighted an issue with MySQL 5.045 on CentOS 5.3. On this particular setup, MySQL seems to place relay logs in /var/run/mysqld/. Unfortunately, this will mean that when the machine is rebooted, the relay log

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Quick guide to Linux daemons in PHP

This guide was originally written for a PHPNW meetup – more information on the group is available here Whenever we want to carry out lengthy tasks or process large batches of data, we should consider executing that process in the

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Centos 5.3 net install on VirtualBox

I wanted to install CentOS 5.3 as my new development platform (upgrading from 5.2) and I thought I’d take the lazy route and use the net-install ISO. Although the 5.2 net-install worked flawlessly, the 5.3 failed at the same point

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MySQL Replication over SSL

A new project requires MySQL replication to be carried out over the internet. My first thought was to use stunnel, which I quickly implemented. This appeared to work perfectly (after some iptables configuration). However, I found out later that MySQL

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