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Fonts on Fedora – aka pulling at a loose thread

Apologies for not posting in a long time, etc, etc but this is actually more of a note to myself. I was speaking to one of my colleagues at Magma Digital and he got me thinking about font rendering in

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The tale of the sleepless developer

It wasn’t too long ago that I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping. Once I was asleep I was OK, but getting there was troublesome. As my head hit the pillow, I’d start trying to solve all the

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Given enough cautionary tales, can we become better developers?

A recent¬†tweet by Smashing Magazine¬†about mistakes got me thinking about all the times either myself or a colleague had made a significant mistake. I’m not talking about a white-space error here. I mean the sort of mistake that gives instant,

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Mixed-case domains are a problem for Cherokee webserver

I’ve just been testing the “responsiveness” of this design on my phone but instead of fueling the smug sense of satisfaction in the buzzword peddlers, I immediately hit a rather odd problem. You see, I use Swype typing on my

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