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Mass query generation using “The SpreadSheet Trick”

I honestly assumed that most developers already knew about “the spreadsheet trick”. However, in the last few months and years I’ve shown it to a few developers and they go through and interesting mix of emotions. If you know this

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Why can’t I find files written by PHP-FPM in /tmp?

Last night, I was trying to use XHProf to do a bit of profiling on phpDocumentor. The CLI app runs, XHProf collates statistics and writes the data to /tmp. When I fired up the XHProf web interface, it couldn’t find anything in

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Working with pcntl_fork – part 1

I’ve been working with pcntl_fork and friends recently for a personal project. I worked with pcntl_* functions from a very early in my programming career and I love the challenges it presents for the traditional web programmer. Here is one

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A brief reminder on object scope

Every so often, you may approach a problem in a novel or unconventional manner and it reminds you just how much ground you cover as a programmer. And today at Magma Digital was no exception. I was reminded how scope

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WordPress: Getting a menu item selected on a Custom Post Type

I am by no means a WordPress expert. Quite the opposite in fact. While learning the ropes, I look at WordPress with a frustrating blend of admiration and confusion. I’m so impressed with both Custom Post Types and the Navigation

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Given enough cautionary tales, can we become better developers?

A recent tweet by Smashing Magazine about mistakes got me thinking about all the times either myself or a colleague had made a significant mistake. I’m not talking about a white-space error here. I mean the sort of mistake that gives instant,

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PHP and Nginx RPM repo for RedSleeve Linux on Raspberry Pi

You may have already noticed from a previous post that I’m a big fan of CentOS. So, I’ve spent the past few days trying to recompile some SRPMs for the Raspberry Pi. I don’t have a cross compile too chain,

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Android SDK on 64bit Fedora 14

If you’re half way through setting up Android SDK on Fedora 14 (and I imagine all other versions apply) on a 64bit install you’ll get some fairly vague messages back from Ant. Fortunately, they’re quite easy to fix once you

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wordpress rewrite rules for lighttpd

I recently tried to tidy up my hand crafted rewrite rules for wordpress/lighttpd and after a very quick google I was taken to an article titled “URL rewriting for wordpress and lighttpd“. Clearly, I thought my search was over. However,

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Combining Zend_Db_Select and Propel 1.3

Propel 1.3 has served me very well over the past few years and I’m absolutely confident that recent projects would not have been delivered so quickly without it. However, when stuff gets a little crazy, you need to hydrate your

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