Fonts on Fedora – aka pulling at a loose thread

Apologies for not posting in a long time, etc, etc but this is actually more of a note to myself. I was speaking to one of my colleagues at Magma Digital and he got me thinking about font rendering in Fedora.

I hadn’t really put much thought into font rendering on Linux. It’s never really bothered me before, until I started looking into it. Googling “Font rendering in Fedora” brings up a lot of results of people complaining about font rendering. I’ve stumbled across several posts on the subject. I’m still not entirely sure which ones to trust (as I’m not 100% sure I can tell the difference where it counts), but I seem to have had good results with the following:

That last step (lcdfilter) requires a reboot in order to take effect.

It seems like the first package contains some kind of license that the Fedora guys don’t want to touch, which is why we need to go to I can actually see a slight difference when I change from greyscale and RGB anti-aliasing now. I couldn’t tell the difference from 10 paces, but I must admit gnome-terminal has never looked so good.

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2 comments on “Fonts on Fedora – aka pulling at a loose thread
  1. SimonJZurek says:

    Works like a charm!

    Thank you Adrian :)

  2. SimonJZurek says:

    is where you get newer versions for your system.

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