Mass query generation using “The SpreadSheet Trick”

I honestly assumed that most developers already knew about “the spreadsheet trick”. However, in the last few months and years I’ve shown it to a few developers and they go through and interesting mix of emotions. If you know this

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Why can’t I find files written by PHP-FPM in /tmp?

Last night, I was trying to use XHProf to do a bit of profiling on phpDocumentor. The CLI app runs, XHProf collates statistics and writes the data to /tmp. When I fired up the XHProf web interface, it couldn’t find anything in

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Working with pcntl_fork – part 1

I’ve been working with pcntl_fork and friends recently for a personal project. I worked with pcntl_* functions from a very early in my programming career and I love the challenges it presents for the traditional web programmer. Here is one

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Fonts on Fedora – aka pulling at a loose thread

Apologies for not posting in a long time, etc, etc but this is actually more of a note to myself. I was speaking to one of my colleagues at Magma Digital and he got me thinking about font rendering in

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A brief reminder on object scope

Every so often, you may approach a problem in a novel or unconventional manner and it reminds you just how much ground you cover as a programmer. And today at Magma Digital was no exception. I was reminded how scope

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WordPress: Getting a menu item selected on a Custom Post Type

I am by no means a WordPress expert. Quite the opposite in fact. While learning the ropes, I look at WordPress with a frustrating blend of admiration and confusion. I’m so impressed with both Custom Post Types and the Navigation

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faking latency on your local network

I recently had call to try and artificially introduce network latency on my machine. During development of a web application of any sort, it’s artificially fast and reliable if it only has to go over localhost or even to another

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The tale of the sleepless developer

It wasn’t too long ago that I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping. Once I was asleep I was OK, but getting there was troublesome. As my head hit the pillow, I’d start trying to solve all the

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Given enough cautionary tales, can we become better developers?

A recent tweet by Smashing Magazine about mistakes got me thinking about all the times either myself or a colleague had made a significant mistake. I’m not talking about a white-space error here. I mean the sort of mistake that gives instant,

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PHP and Nginx RPM repo for RedSleeve Linux on Raspberry Pi

You may have already noticed from a previous post that I’m a big fan of CentOS. So, I’ve spent the past few days trying to recompile some SRPMs for the Raspberry Pi. I don’t have a cross compile too chain,

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