About Me

My name is Adrian Hardy. I'm a PHP developer based in Lancashire, UK. I've been messing around with PHP, Linux, MySQL and other trinkets for around ten years.

This site is my umpteenth attempt at regular blog post writing. I come across so many interesting things in my day-to-day work I feel I should write about them.

During the day, I work at Magma Digital, a technical agency based in Preston. We're a group of passionate people who love all things dev, and hopefully this blog proves that.

Jeez, can’t you even write your own WordPress theme?

I dabble in WordPress. Hell, I'd even say I know a fair bit about it. But I've been promising myself that I'd write my own WordPress theme since June 2009.

It hasn't happened, so I'm not letting that stall me any more. There's a saying about the cobbler's son being poorest shod, and this website is my son. My daughter is a daughter (a real one) but this website is my (metaphorical) shoeless son.

I've used this theme simply titled Responsive by Themeid.